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Each of our trainers has years of training experience, not only with their own dogs, but with all kinds breeds encountered at ABOTC.

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Bill Martin

Bill began training dogs over 30 years ago with Shane, his first Irish Setter. He has always loved this breed and before he bought his first one he looked at their size and personality and figured they needed obedience training to be good canine citizens.

Since that time he has put four Companion Dog titles, four Companion Dog Excellence titles, and two Utility Dog titles on his dogs, in addition to two Dog World Awards.

Bill's Setters have ranked in the Top Five Obedience Irish Setters in the country for many years. His current dog, Quest, CDX/Companion Dog Excellent, has also received his Confirmation Championship.

Bill has always said that regardless of their age all dogs can and will benefit from obedience training. Obedience training is not only fun for the handler, but also for the dog, as a trained dog is a better companion, enjoys working for its master, and enjoys being taken to class, on trips, or just for a ride in the car.

"All you have to do to be successful is to listen to your instructor and dedicate a few minutes a day to train your dog. You will see the difference in your dog in the first week. While we know most people will never show their dog for titles, you will train your dog the same way and if you decide to show you will be ready for the show ring."

For information regarding classes held in other areas of Dallas, contact Bill Martin directly by calling 972-744-0419 or by email (BillM@ABOTC.com).

Beth Bornman

Beth began training dogs over 20 years ago, starting with her first black Labrador, Cochise. Beth was raised with small poodles, but fell in love with a Labrador owned by a (former) boyfriend.

After getting married and purchasing a home, she at last got the large dog she loved. However, Cochise died soon after finishing a Beginner Class, and Beth obtained Loki a few months later. She was able to train Loki through his Utility title in AKC.

Loki also became a certified pet therapy dog at Baylor Rehab and gave love, and hope to many before he died. A neighbor gave her a red Doberman puppy, Sasha, which became the family's second large dog in the household. Sasha received her CD/Companion Dog and CDX/Companion Dog Excellent titles through AKC.

Her black Labrador, Merlin, has received his CD/Companion Dog and CDX/Companion Dog Excellent titles in AKC and one leg towards his UKC Companion Dog title.

Beth has taken classes at Eastfield College and Hound House, as well as from All Breed Obedience Training Club. She became a teacher at ABOTC about 15 years ago. Beth has instructed the First Night, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes.

She is currently teaching the First Month Class, which she finds rewarding, because it is easy to see how the dogs improve each week with their training, with the help of their owners.

"Wednesday night training classes are one of the highlights of the week, because they are fun and exciting, with the opportunity to meet new people and new dogs, as well as visit with friends."

You can contact Beth by email using the Contact form on this page or by sending an email to BethB@ABOTC.com.

Emily Heitzman

Emily started as an ABOTC student at with a mixed breed puppy who showed up on her driveway at only 5 weeks old. Her vet told her to get the puppy into an obedience class - quick.

Since joining ABOTC in 1995, she has trained that puppy, Tiger; Maggie, an Austrailian Cattle Dog/Greyhound mix, Lexus and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Max.

Her Blue Heeler, Maggie, has been her class demonstration dog since she started teaching.

Emily is a firm believer in dog rescue - responsible rescue with training to create canine good citizens. She teaches beginner's class to show first-time dog owners a new way to communicate with their dog and the personal satisfaction of a well-trained dog.

Emily has been a volunteer teacher at ABOTC since 1998.

This clip shows Emily explaining some basic training information to dog owners at the First Month Class.

Tom Hansen

In 1996, a big strong Labrador pup Harley was given to me by a family that had lost control -the dog was chewing up the kids. I was now hit by a tornado of a dog that would pull me down jump on me and bite.

I turned to ABOTC for help. With instruction from all the trainers - Billy, Wade, Mary, Beth, Marty, Evelyn - I was able to go from Beginners to Advance class and win first prize in all AKC dog shows wining CD/Companion Dog and CDX/Companion Dog Excellent itles.

"What a great dog Harley was, and she gave me Sam the best black Labrador, now 10 years old. I don’t remember ever having to train Sam, Harley did all the training. After Harley died Sam was very depressed so I got my third Labrador, AH-OH and he has been living up to that name every day.

"I love Labs - they are energetic, strong willed and very challenging to train. All my dogs have gone through AKC Good Citizen Ship and are Patient Therapy Rehab dogs at Baylor Hospital."

Tom has been the ABOTC Advanced Class instructor for over 10 years, and has been trained by the dog whisperer- Cesar Millan - and Wendy Volhard (dog training for dummies), .Lee Mannix (dog aggression) and SPCA CAT aggression shaping seminars.

“It sometimes takes years for a dog to make it to my advance class and I try to challenge both the owner and the dogs to try new obedient training methods like jumping, hand signals, freestyle heeling, we try and make it fun for the dogs. I am proud of my advance class, they have worked for years and are dedicated to training there dogs to be obedient members of there family’s and completive show dogs.”

If you have Labrador questions or are in need of personal training, please contact Tom directly at TomH@ABOTC.com.

This clip shows an Advanced Class running through a number of exercises under Tom's guidance.

Danny Middleton

Danny previously trained with ABOTC over 20 years ago with his sheltie, showing his dog in AKC Obedience Trials. He has been with ABOTC since 2009, training two of his rescue dogs. He has taught the Intermediate Class teacher for about two years.

"With that said, you learn that you are either a trainer or are being trained. You get that dog to follow your lead or get ready to deal with the trouble of your dog leading you around is going to cause. You get out what you put in.

"You have to need and respect your dog if you expect your dog to need and respect you. Contrary to first appearance, a so-called bad dog does not want to be bad. Treating your dog wonderful will make your dog wonderful.

"A wonderful dog is a dog that your relationship is in harmony with. This has been working for me with my dogs nearly my whole life."

Brenda McCray (AKC Canine Good Citizen certification)

Brenda teaches our semi-annual AKC Canine Good Citizen classs with Terry Guyton.

Cindy Rogers

I have had a love and curiosity for animals for as long as I can remember. I have especially loved German Shepherd Dogs for their intelligence, loyalty and loving temperament. I have been obedience training them for over 20 years.

When I came to ABOTC as a student I soon found the shared love for our dogs and training. There is a very special bond you gain with your dog when you train them and we all share that with our dogs at ABOTC. I truly enjoy obedience training students and their dogs each week. It is a pleasure to work with so many different breeds of dogs and get to know the handlers and their dogs.

I train the Intermediate class with Danny Middleton. I strive to teach our handlers the best way for them to train their dogs. I work on polishing and reinforcing what they have previously learned, introduce them to new training lessons and prepare them for moving to the Advance class.

I am also a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Evaluator and I train dogs twice a year for this beginning AKC title with fellow CGC Evaluator Brenda McCray, who with her husband Jim McCray initially trained me.

Robert Rogers

I have owned eight dogs and have been training for several years also competing at obedience shows. My current dog has earned his CD, CDX and the coveted UD title. I have routinely participated in training seminars and volunteer yearly at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

My current training class is the beginner class teaching basic motivational training using positive reinforcement techniques.

I enjoy helping others obtain the potential that their dogs can achieve. Our dogs have so much more to give than most people realize and want to show us what they can do. All we need to know is how to communicate with them to make it happen.

Private Lessons

For information regarding private lessons, contact Jeff Bornman directly by calling 972-329-3165 or by email (JeffB@ABOTC.com).

For information regarding classes held in other areas of Dallas, contact Bill Martin directly by calling 972-744-0419 or by email (BillM@ABOTC.com).


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