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Every Wednesday evening, dozens of caring and concerned dog owners - just like you - come to Flagpole Hill and have a wonderful time training their dogs. Yes, it's hard work for a few hours a week, but the rewards - for you and your dog - are boundless. We cannot park our vehicles on the sides of the road (grassy areas). Please arrive a little early to park on the main lots near the picnic houses or behind the park office.

All our instructors work for free. They instruct your classes because they want to encourage dog obedience, and loving and caring for your dog

We train you... to train your dog!

The dog obedience training you receive at ABOTC is worth so much more than you can ever pay. This training teaches you how to be a friend with your dog, helps him to become a better companion, and establishes a bond between a human and their dog.

You also get to meet new friends at class - both the human and doggy varieties.

You could pay hundreds of dollars to other agencies or businesses to teach your dog. So, sometimes it is disappointing when students only come for one or two classes, then drop out.

Of course, it is hard work. You have to teach your dog each night, if only for 10 minutes. But the results are worthwhile. Sometimes even if your dog does everything well at home, they will come to class and act like you have taught them nothing. Please don't worry - this happens to everyone.

When your dog starts doing the exercises in class properly, you know they are at last learning their lessons. Then you can keep coming to class to enjoy !!!

Download and complete our Registration Form before you come to the first class - click here.

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Inclement weather information

We will not have class if it is raining or snowing at Flagpole Hill, since the classes are outdoors.

Sometimes the rain is just passing through Dallas and the weather may clear by 7:30 p.m. Watch the 6:00 p.m. weather report - if it is not raining at Flagpole Hill, we will have classes, even if it is raining in other areas of Dallas.

We will also make every effort to post a cancellation notice on the web site by 6pm. Click here to see our current status.

If you miss the class due to the weather, you can always make it up the next week.

New class schedule

New classes start on the first Wednesday of the month. Look for the schedule of classes on our Home page.

ABOTC Membership Fees

  • Eight weeks of classes - $100.00

  • Enrolling students for the Eight Week program who adopted their dog from an animal shelter or rescue club - $50.00 (See Questions page for more information).

  • One year membership after the first eight weeks - $100.00, or annual dues payable in January

  • Everyone has an opportunity to make up missed classes

Lesson Plans

Our classes are designed so that you learn one or two (or more) new exercises each class period. Then it is up to you to work with your dog a minimum of four times during the week.

The more often you work with your dog the faster your dog learns. You can also review the exercises on the Training page of this web site.

  • During the First Month Class, you will learn how to put the collar on your dog, where to place your hands and leash for heeling, how to heel, sit, down your dog. You will begin training your dog to come to you on command. Your dog will also learn to begin to pay attention to you instead of all the other dogs and people around, as well as become sociable.

  • The Beginners Class is where you, the handler, will start learning how to get your dog to "heel on leash", "sit", "down", "stand", "come", "stay", etc. Before moving up to the Intermediate Class we are looking to see that you have learned the proper techniques used to do each of the exercises.

  • During the Intermediate Class, you will put into practice what you have learned in the Beginner Class. We will be more concerned with how well you and your dog are performing each exercise. You will be learning some new exercises as well! You should be well into this class by the end of 12 weeks of lessons.
  • By the time you are in the Advanced Class, you should be working your dog with voice and hand signals only! Your dog will learn to "stay" in position while you leave and go out of sight. Pretty neat, eh?

Collar and Leash

  • The collar and leash are illustrated on the Training page.

  • ABOTC offers leashes and collars for sale at class. The collar must be measured to fit your dog. The leash should be either leather or nylon and at least six feet long.
  • Leather leashes: $20
  • Choke chains: $10
  • Pinch collars: $15
  • Premier collars: $10

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